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Oral Speech

Дата: 14 апреля 2020 в 23:16, Обновлено 17 апреля 2020 в 08:27

Card 10

  1. What  youth organizations are there in your country?

There are a lot of youth organizations in our country. The most famous of them are the Belarusian Republican Pioneer Organization (BRPO), the Belarusian Republican union of youth (BRSM), the Association of Belarusian Guides, the Belarusian Republican Scout Association.

2. Do you agree that young people should play some role in the life of society? Why (not)?

Young people represent the future and bring new ideas, energy and enthusiasm that can lead to new discoveries in our country and in the whole world. The young generation occupies a special place in social environment. The future of any society depends on the practical deeds of the youth.

3. Your British friend is a member of the Scout movement. What questions would you ask him, her?

  • What is your organization aimed at?
  • Are you proud of being a scout?
  • Do you do much training?n

4. Which youth organization would you recommend to join and why?

I would recommend you to join the Belarusian Republican Union of Youth, cos it’s really interesting and challenging to be a member of it. They organize conferences, meetings, lectures, exhibitions, concerts and competitions, charity and volunteering, camping, sporting events and many other exciting activities. Their aim is to create conditions for development of young people in every possible sphere in life

5. If you had a chance to start a campaign, what kind of campaign will it be?

If a had such chance I would try to organize some kind of a company that aimed at helping sick and disabled people, especially kids. For me helping others who suffer from different diseases is the most important and gentle thing in life.

Card 11

  1. What types of mass media do you know?

Mass media are divided into two categories: print media and electronic media. Print media include newspapers, magazines, journals. Electronic media include radio, television, satellite channels, internet, cinema.

2. Do you agree that we can’t live without communication? Why?

Yes, I agree with it, cos a person can develop oneself only through communication with others giving and receiving information. Small kids learn how to speak with the help of the people who surround them and talk to them. Humans can’t survive without socializing with others.

3. What questions will you ask people who live without a TV-set, computer or radio?

-Don’t you feel lonely at home without a TV?

-How long have you been living without a TV?

-Are you happy with your way of life?

4. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to surf the Internet, but I’d like to do it. Which sites would you recommend visiting?

The Internet doesn’t need much time to be surfed, especially if your aim is not to entertain yourself but to find information. Go to Google, then type in the necessary request and choose the site you like best.

5. Many people say that newspapers and radio are not as popular as TV. What is your point of view?

To my mind it’s true, nowadays people are not so much interested in newspapers and radio.

I’m sure that even TVs are not very popular too. People still continue using TVs in order to have a company at home. If they need information they sit on the Internet.

Card 16

  1. I think any person likes travelling, because we discover new places and meet new people. It’s always very interesting. In addition you have a chance to spend some time on your own just in the company of your thoughts.
  2. I prefer travelling by plane because it’s the safest means of travelling, but it’s the most expensive at the same time. I adore the moment when the plane takes off and you fly
  3. What sights would you advise me to visit? What’s hop-on hop-off tour? How much does it cost to take the metro in London?
  4. If you don’t know where to go to spend your holiday try Crete. Amazing nature, unbelievably tasty food will make you feel as good as new
  5. I think nothing is better than a quiet place somewhere in the countyside close to your dearest grandparents who are always happy to see you and take care of you

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